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Select ”Membership” when you require assistance in joining OAJ, updating your details, in matters related to membership fees or retirement. Before contacting us, please visit the Keep your membership details up to date -page. The page contains answers to frequently asked questions and instructions and links for updating your personal details.


Select this if you have any questions concerning your work, qualifications, salary, absences from work or if your work ends. You can also ask about occupational safety and health, for example, safety in the work environment, equality, workload or unfair treatment. You can also contact us if you have any questions about legal matters concerning teaching and work.


Select “Training” if you wish to ask about training, seminars or events organised by OAJ. Sign up for training on your Omat tiedot page.

Opettaja magazine and communications

Select this enquiry form if you wish to, for example, send an obituary to Opettaja magazine, an opinion piece to the Keskustelua column, place an advertisement or order the Opettaja magazine.


Contact us using this form if you wish to ask us about OAJ’s rules, ways of operating, the organisation’s distinctions or updates to organisational positions or positions of trust.

Notification concerning personnel representative’s responsibilities

Using this form, you can report the selection of a private sector shop steward, elected representative, a municipal or private sector OSH representative or a similar personnel representative. Fill in the notification to shop steward register form or the notification to OHS representative register as an attachment to the enquiry form. Minutes concerning the election of a shop steward or OSH representative are always required as a second attachment to the form.

Information systems

Use this enquiry form if your question concerns logging in, user rights, the Edustettavat jäsenet app, the development, content and use of IT systems or an IT problem.

Employer/payroll clerk

Note! These enquiry forms are solely for the employers and payroll administration. These forms will not be directed to the OAJ Member Services.

Order brochures and publications

Use this enquiry form when ordering OAJ’s in-stock brochures and publications.

Data protection

Use this form if you require information on the processing of your personal data or information security. You can use the form to send a request for information in accordance with the data protection regulation, ask about the processing of personal data in the associations, or about the agreement concerning the processing of personal data.

Financial management services

Select this contact form if you have questions on travel invoices, remuneration, OAJ’s insurances or other general financial issues.

Strike or preparing for industrial action

Use this form if you have questions regarding the preparation of industrial action or strike, for example concerning strike, the limits of strike activity, the strike benefits or about the employers actions before or during strike.